Aug 14, 2008

Bigfoot Found

No, not me and my big ol' size eleven feet.
The "real" Bigfoot of legendary pseudo-science fame.
It remains to be seen whether this is another elaborate hoax or the real deal.

A press conference is scheduled for tomorrow in Palo Alto, CA, where they plan to present photo and DNA evidence of their discovery.

Stay tuned for further developments.....

2 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

In the backwoods of Georgia? Could just be their "cousin" that went to work on that tobacco farm in North Carolina, or so they were told.

Bad things happen when siblings and Boone's are involved...

Dr. Zoltar said...


I wonder if his job is in jeopardy as he's with the sheriff department. And he's now pissed that people are prank calling him and his family since he ripped people off. Loser!