Aug 14, 2008

Cum On Feel The Noize

I know... it's a bad pun, but I felt it was an appropriate title to go with this news story I found.

Man banned from girlfriend's home after noisy sex.

Aw heck!
I know it's not Monday, but let's roll with it, shall we?

3 things people had to say:

Darth McQuinn said...

I'm just curious how you "found" this story? I just picture you typing in "noisy" "sex" on Google. lol

Ferretnick said...

*blink blink*
Whatever do you mean?

Actually, one of my favorite sites is a "news of the weird" and they have all kinds of unusual stories, like this one.

Elwood said...

I hoped that the article wasn't about me, but then I realized 2 things.

1. I'm not British.

2. I'm married.

These things make this situation unattainable for me.