Aug 21, 2008

Gayest. Sport. Ever.

Hotness and I grabbed something to eat on the way home this evening and as we were sitting waiting for our meal, the Beijing Olympics were playing.
I haven't really been following the events that much. Preferring to catch up with who won what when they talk about it on the radio or in the paper.

Tonight, they were showing 10m high-dives, female BMX racing (THIS is an Olympic sport?!?) and clips of race-walking. Or walk-running. Or... as I call it, the GAYEST SPORT EVER.

I couldn't find any 'good' clips of men's race-walking. This following clip is pretty descriptive of the style, though, and really... the men and women both move the same way so what's difference?

(is the slow-motion replay REALLY necessary?)

I sat on my fat butt, eating my dinner and watching people 'compete' by walking fast.
Their little, boney arms pumping back and forth while their tushies swished from side to side.
You could be Vin Diesel or Chuck Norris or James F'ing Bond, but if you're race-walking you would still look like you're fresh out of a Pride Parade.
Everybody looks like their trying to find a bathroom before having diarriah right there in the street.

If you're going to run, just run.
If you're going to walk, just walk.
If you're going to do a half-assed job of both, then jog.
None of this intermediate go-between from walking to jogging.

I mean really.... think of the children.

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Elwood said...

Whoooooo Baby! You got fries to go wit' dat shake?!?

Imperfect said...

You mean this ad?

Ferretnick said...

Ha ha ha!!! YES!
Exactly that!