Jul 31, 2007

Big Job To Do

Hotness & I are getting ready to head off on vacation soon, so before we go we're trying to get things squared away at the house. (Fold all the laundry, wash all the dishes, vacuum... that kind of stuff, so we don't have to face it when we get back)

One of the projects on our "to do" list is mow the front yard.
Seems simple, right?
Yeah, look how big my front yard is.....

Just to give you a little perspective in size... here's Hotness standing in the yard:

Luckily we're borrowing a commercial type mower, and slowly but surely we're getting it done.
Every now and then a critter* pops it's little head up and makes a mad dash for more cover.
I've tried to catch 'em in the mower, but so far I haven't had any luck.

Anyway, we should be done before we leave, or at the very least have most of it trimmed to a reasonable amount.
Hotness really likes when it's cut, but I like to leave it for the wildlife to forage through.

One thing's certain though.... it's a LOT of work!

* These "critters" I believe are Norway rats. I haven't actually gotten a good look at one, but the color is right and we had to re-insulate our pump-house a few months ago because of those little buggers! I know they are in the area (as some of our neighbors have had to deal with them as well). So any chance I get to kill one is one more that can't breed again!

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