Jul 11, 2007

"G" is for......

Guitar Hero
and Great Googly-moogly it's hot!!!

It was a scorcher today, as the temp was expected to climb up into the upper 90's here in the western side of the state. A lot of records were set, I'm sure.

When I got off of work and got to my car my temperature gage said it was:

Yeah, that's right 102 freakin' degrees! (That's the OUTSIDE temp, by the way. Not inside the car)

So I opened the windows and headed to the grocery store to pick up a few items.
I was going to head over to G-Rod's house to have dinner (shrimp tostadas) and play Guitar Hero for a while.
Here's G playing the game (and sucking mightily at it!):

A little later, his brother Alex joined us and tried it out.

He actually played better the first time he ever did it, compared to G who has played a couple or three times and still has trouble with the timing.
(Oh well, he's borrowing it for a while, so I suspect his skill level will improve a bunch by the time a I get together with him again.)

We played for far longer than I should have been playing. By the time I actually said "Okay, now I really need to stop and head home", Hotness called me to see where I was.
"Uh, I was just on my way home, sweety. Really!"

So dinner was great. Like I mentioned, we had shrimp tostadas.
Of all the Mexican food I've tried, I've never had a tostada before. Man were they good, and especially on a hot day like today.
I mixed up a little sangrita* for the two of us, which had a nice kick to it because I used a bit more Tabasco than normal.
It went really well with the shrimp.

Well... halfway through the week and I haven't had to kill anyone yet. We'll see how things go the next couple of days.

* Sangrita, in case you're wondering, is a chaser that is usually served with Tequila.
It's a mix of tomato & orange juice, with a bit of lime and a dash of hot sauce and sometimes a few other ingredients.
If you want to try it, my recipe is very simple:
Equal amount of V8 (I prefer to use the low sodium variety) and orange juice
A squeeze of lime (maybe about a teaspoon, but go with your feelings)
A dash of Tabasco

Mix well and serve (cold is nice, but I've had it at room temperature when I'm drinking Tequila and it's still pretty good)

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