Jul 8, 2007

Company Picnic

What an awesome summer day here in the Northwest!
Blame it on global warming or just good luck, but the summer here is turning out to be a beautiful one!
Plus.... our pitifully low snow-pack in the mountains in recent years was more than compensated for this last winter, so hopefully there won't be any danger of a drought this year. (But we'll see)

Anyway, back to our wonderful day today.

Hotness & I went to her company picnic at a park along Lake Sammamish.
Unlike past years that we've gone, there was only a handful of employees there this time, which was nice because I knew most everybody and was able to catch-up with a lot of them.

And as usual, there was a fine assortment of burgers & hotdogs (plus other wonderful 'potluck' yummies) to be eaten:
Water balloons were tossed and squirt guns fired upon many unsuspecting victims.
Mass quantities of beer & wine were consumed.
And overall, a good day was had by everyone who attended.

We hung around until after 5:00 p.m., then headed for home.
On the way we decided to see "Ratatouille".
It has been getting some incredible reviews, and thought it would be a nice end to the day.
I've got to say... Pixar makes some great movies. When I first saw the trailer for this one, though, it didn't give me much to want to see it but I am very glad we went.
It was great. The story was original, the characters were fun, and since I enjoy cooking I could really appreciate the "foodie" aspect of the whole thing.
It's a good 'kid movie', so if you've got young 'uns don't worry about inappropriate humor or language. This movie doesn't have any 'fart jokes' or double-entedres for adults or anything like that. Just good clean fun for a couple of hours.

Now, if rats making gourmet meals in your kitchen just isn't your bag, we also went and watched "Transformers" on Friday night after work.
Another great movie, although I wouldn't suggest it for little ones.
I grew up when Transformers were big on TV, but never really "got into" them like other kids my age. I liked them and knew some of the characters, but it was just another cartoon for me.
So going into the movie I only wanted to see a couple of things:
1) Big robots beating the snot out of each other
2) Big robots that change into vehicles (cars, planes, trucks, etc...)
It had a healthly dose of each, so I was not disappointed in the least!
Another movie that was well worth the full price of admission.

And that's just up through Saturday. I still have another day to fill with adventure this weekend!
Be good until then.....

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Flare1015 said...

i really wanna c da movie transformers. it looks pretty good, n im lookin 4ward 2 seein it.