Jul 13, 2007

I Feel Kinda Bad...

In my previous post, I talked about going to G-rod's for dinner and a little Guitar Hero.
Under one of the pictures I mentioned that his playing skills were... well... pretty bad.
("Sucking mightily" was the exact phrase)

G, you're one of my best friends and I know you know I was kidding but I thought I should let everyone know.
While you may not be a rock guitar god of epic proportions you certainly give it your all, and for that I commend you.

Now, if I ever get my hands on some video of you singing.... I'm totally going to post it on here for everyone to see.

1 things people had to say:

G-rod said...

I do not know why you feel bad about it.
I wouldn't.
I think, it was actually funny.
And true!