Jul 9, 2007

Heart Attack Waiting to Happen

Mmmmm.... yummy! Burgers!

And what could be better than a burger with lots of bacon and cheese?
I give you the "Baconator" from Wendy's!
Oh my mouth is just watering looking at that piece of meat-art!
At least.... that's what I thought as I was ordering one today at lunch.

I didn't pack a lunch today to take with me, as I was running late (as usual) and figured "Aw screw it! I'll just buy something today."
And so I did.

I had to go to the Post Office to mail a payment I had forgotten to get out on time (Great! Late charges!) and on my way back, Wendy's was the first place I drove buy that didn't take me out of my way.
I like their burgers. So I'm not giving them a bad time about the quality of their food. I go there maybe once a month 'cause it's close to work (and if I get out to lunch at just the right time, I can get there, get my food, and be back in less then 20 minutes. Not bad!).
Standing in line was the ad for the "NEW BACONATOR BURGER".
Ooooh... six, count them, SIX pieces of bacon. Two 1/4 lb hamburger patties. Melted cheese. On a Kaiser roll.
I'm sold!
I ordered the small combo. (C'mon! At least I didn't get a large)
Got back to work and opened up my bag of meat goodness at my desk.
Eh.... THAT'S the cholesterol-bomb I was looking forward to?!?
Yes. Yes it was.
It sure smelled good, so maybe looks aren't everything.
I dug in and finished it off.
And then it sat there. In my stomach. Like a bacon-flavored brick. Ugh!

Well, I'm not a bulimic so I went the remainder of the day weighted down by this 'anchor' in my gut.
Definitely not going to order this one again.

At least there are mango margaritas waiting for me at home!

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Flare1015 said...

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