Jul 4, 2007

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone is ready to celebrate in their own personal way.... whether that be grilling up something on the barbeque, spending time with family, blowing stuff up with imported explosives or all of the above. (I'm planning on doing that last one).

Here's a little Holiday Inspiration to put you in the mood:

This image is from Gus F. Martin's self-published comic, "Crater On The Moon".
I was asked to be in his comic, and while he was taking pictures to use he wanted to re-create the flag-raising of Iwo Jima (now called Iwo To).
I was the only "model" available, so that is me in each of the soldiers' positions.
He took each one seperately (while I held a vacuum cleaner tube for the flagpole reference) and Photoshopped 'em together to make this cool homage to the historic photo.

This image was used on the T-shirts he sells to help promote the book.
If you want one (and really.. who can resist a T-shirt that says "Saving Uranus" on it?), you can email him through his site and ask him about how to get one.

Have a safe Holiday. Don't blow any fingers off!

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Té la mà Maria said...

felicitations !!!

We happen from chance and have remained a good moment, regards from Catalunya - Spain