Jul 27, 2007

Random Seattle Pictures - The Art

Here are a bunch of pictures I took with my camera phone while I was in Seattle the last couple of days.
Not much to post about, but I'll give descriptions where necessary.

If you get lost, just find a manhole cover. This one had a map of Seattle on it. Not as easy to carry around as a folding paper map or a GPS, though!

Chief Seattle, our city's namesake

Bumble-bee pig at Pike Market / a squid sculpture / Tricerapig

Bad parking job / Hammering Man (These two were outside of the Seattle Art Museum)

This was along the side of one of the buildings downtown. I think it was one of the (many) bank buildings, but I don't remember for sure.
This depicts a scene from Northwest Native American life before the area was settled.
To the best of my knowledge, the Native Americans in this area were a very peaceful tribe so I'm not really sure what they are doing to that head in the left-hand picture.

By the way, those pig sculptures pictured earlier on this post?
They are part of the Pigs On Parade in Seattle and they are ALL OVER the city.
I only took a couple of pictures, but they are all very cool looking.
There are almost as many pigs as there are Starbucks in Seattle!

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