Jul 19, 2007

The Wait Is Over!

Okay, remember that I had some really cool news but I couldn't say just what it was at the time?

Well..... a few months back I had the opportunity to get a commissioned sketch from Terry Moore who is the writer and artist of "Strangers In Paradise", one of my all-time favorite comic books.

When I posted about something exciting happening, I had just found out that he was starting on it and would be finished with it soon.
Yesterday I got the email that it was done and he sent me a .jpg of it to approve before he shipped it.
Let me tell you.... it looks AWESOME!!!

Here's a teaser pic of it:

I won't post the whole picture until he gives the "OK" to do it, but there are the three main characters of his book.
As soon I as I get his permission to post the whole thing I will.

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