Dec 11, 2007

Andy Kuhn

If you're planning on being in the area (regionally the Pacific Northwest and specifically Seattle) around the weekend of May 10 & 11, you should come to the Emerald City Comic Con.

I was just on the website for the con and saw that they added a bunch of new guests, among them Andy Kuhn.
(who drew this nifty self-portrait of himself for me at last year's convention)

"Yeah, so what?" you may be asking.
Well... not only is Andy a talented comic book artist, but he's also a member of the band "The Fuglees".

Andy had a few of the band's CDs on his table while he was siging autographs and doing sketches, so I bought one on a whim and was really impressed by it.
I played it in my car for about a month straight. The tunes are catchy and fun and the band doesn't seem to take themselves too seriously.
I kind of compare them to "The Presidents of the United States of America", but according to their MySpace page they describe themselves as "Armed with humor, wit and an endless repertoire of catchy pop songs, The Fuglees style is similar to tongue-in-cheek acts such as "Bare Naked Ladies" or "They Might be Giants" with an edge reminiscent of "The Foo Fighters".

Just fun punky/grungy/pop type of music.
Here's a clip of them live doing a couple of songs from their second album, "Indiana":

(NSFW by the way, unless you're wearing headphones)

I didn't get a chance to listen to the CD before the convention was over so I'm really looking forward to having him back at the show this year so I can let him know how much I enjoyed it.

If you're into Indie bands or like music that isn't 'commercial', then you ought to check them out.
And if you can make it to the show, buy a CD.
Heck... you might even see me while you're there.

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