Dec 7, 2007

One Time... At Band Camp

The Rock, a local pizza chain, is sponsoring a competition between Western Washignton State high schools as to who can perform the best classic rock song with their school band.

We're not talking about "Angry Little Johnny and his garage band buddies".
We're talking about high school bands. You know, tubas, flutes, french horns, xylophones... the WORKS!

They're offering a 1st place prize of $10,000 to the best band, and they've been promoting it on the local Classic Rock radio station, KZOK.

The station has been posting the bands online for listeners to hear as the contest takes place, but it's going to end soon. The deadline for all entries is next Friday.

Supposedly, when all the entires are in and they've judged the winner, the morning radio show is talking about putting out a CD for purchase with all the bands that entered.

I'm hoping they actually do, 'cause some of them sound great.

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