Dec 22, 2007

Mission..... ACCOMPLISHED!

We got out of work a little early on Friday, which allowed me the chance to get to a couple of places that are always closed by the time I get into town.
So, since they were still open I was able to complete my Christmas shopping and I am now FINISHED! Yay!
Everyone is taken care of.

All I have to do now is wrap everything up and make it look all purty and stuff.


Not a whole hack of a lot has been happening otherwise.
Hotness and I went to my company's Christmas party/dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse last weekend.
The food was awesome, as to be expected.
Appetizers began the evening with garlic sauteed prawns, bacon-wrapped sirloin bites, crab-stuffed mushrooms, and seared Ahi tuna.
Then for dinner, there were several entrees to choose from.
I had a petite filet w/ king crab legs, while Hotness had a petite filet with a crab cake and asparagus with Hollandaise sauce.

Drinks were partaken of, so afterwards when dinner was over we walked around Bellevue Square Mall to work the alcohol out a little.
Hotness bought a new pair of shoes. And I might I just say... they are darn sexy! I'm looking forward to getting her a new dress to go with them and then going out with her to the ballet or symphony and watching some heads turn.


Overall, though, things are good.
I've got a few days off from work to celebrate Christmas, so with my shopping already done I can just relax at home.

I hope everyone is having a good Holiday,whether it's post-Hannukah , Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Solstice, or Festivus.

Be safe out there if you're still trying to get your shopping finished. It's getting crazy and there's a full moon on the way so it's only going to get worse.

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qtilla said...

Don't forget Life Day!