Dec 5, 2007


It's officially Hannukah (or Chanukah, depending on your preference).

It's also... International Day of the Ninja day.Coincedence? Perhaps.... but I think not!
I think it was a cleverly devised plan by a secret group of Jewish ninjas (or Ninjews)
in order to undermine the governments of the world and throw us all into economic chaos.
...... Or maybe it's just a way to sell more cool T-shirts and crap.

It's quite possible that at any given moment, you could be approached by ninjas today as this holiday allows them the freedom to manuever without having to hide in the shadows all the time.

You may also find yourself under attack by ninjas at work.
Be prepared to fight for your life if this should happen.

However not ALL ninjas are bad.
Some, in fact, fight for good causes.

(video from Used without permission.... but under the circumstances, I don't think he'll mind)

In the meantime, you may want to stock up on shurikens in case the ninjas you face to day are not friendly and only want to flip out and kill you.

Kosher Power!

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