Dec 3, 2007

One Ugly Mug

A few years back I went to a yard sale with Hotness and found a mug (or cup, if you will) that just screamed out for me to buy it.
I L-O-V-E tacky junk, so for 50 cents it soon became mine.

It has to be handmade, because I can't imagine anybody ever making this commercially.
(If I'm wrong and somebody else has one of these, PLEASE let me know!)

I don't know if it supposed to be anything in particular (like a troll or goblin or what-have-you), but I love that handle: a naked female form.
When you hold it, your thumb rests betwixt her heaving bosom (bosoms?) making the drink inside that much sweeter to partake of.

It holds about 2-1/2 cups (that's more than HALF a quart!) of your beverage of choice.

I haven't yet drank any mead or ale from it but it has served well for mochas, herbal teas, and juice. (It makes those liquids seem 'manly' just by being in the mug)

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