Dec 3, 2007


After the snow and slippery roads this past weekend, it started warming up and raining throughout the night.
To the point that several roads in my area are in danger of being flooded from water and all the snow that has melted.

I got up this morning. Showered & shaved (now I have a squeaky clean noggin!). Packed my lunch and drove towards work.
Only to discover that the main road was closed to ALL traffic because a tree had fallen across it.
All the cars were being re-directed to a road a little further south which meant a looooooong line of of cars not going anywhere quickly.
I thought I'd bypass that can of worms and go north a bit to take a different route.

All was looking good as I went through town and got on the road to connect me to the freeway.
That is until I got to said freeway.
It was stopped. Period. No traffic was moving whatsoever.
"WHAT?!?! I traveled out of my way, through rivers running over the road and hydro-planing in my car a couple of times just to get here and sit???
Forget it. I'm going home."

So here I am in my warm little cabin in the woods, blogging away.
I think two words come to mind while I'm stuck at home today: Guitar Hero.

2 things people had to say:

qtilla said...

I had a similar problem, except that by the time I realized how craptastic my situation was I was too far North to turn around and go home without it taking even longer.

Enjoy your sitting at home time. I'll be day dreaming about Guitar Hero while I work on my TPS reports.

Ferretnick said...

Mmmmyeah... Did you get the memo about the TPS reports?