Dec 1, 2007

World Aids Day

I was going to post much earlier today, but I got side-tracked and it just never happened.

I woke up this morning to a nice layer of freshly fallen snow, so I decided I'd better get the snow tires on the car before I got in a jam without them.
But before that, I had to refill the bird feeders. (The little critters barely waited long enough for me to hang them back up in the trees before descending upon them and emptying them out again. Ungrateful little things.)
No sooner had I gotten the tires on the car when our new mattress was delivered for our new bed.
Then I was free for the rest of the day, so I met up with G-rod to have lunch and hear about his T-day vacation in Mexico.

It was a clear and blue sky when I left the house, but we had just sat down to have lunch when I looked outside it had started snowing. Like crazy!
People all started getting panicky, so the parking lot was a mess while a mass exodus took place to get out and get home.
Here's G & me outside after our lunch:

We were going to check out a holiday art & craft sale, but I forgot where it was and the weather was getting worse, so we called it a day and headed our separate ways.

I was glad I had put on the snow tires earlier. My drive back was pretty slippery and more than one time I slid while driving. Nothing major, but still it was kind of scary to not be in control for a second or two.

This is what to road looked like right before the turn to go up the hill (small mountain, more like) to our house:

At the bottom of the hill, my neighbor was getting out of his truck and preparing to walk the mile trek (UPHILL!) in the snow because his truck just couldn't make it.
He saw me and gave the 'hitch-hiker' thumbs-up sign.
So I picked him and drove him home.
He was kidding about me giving him a ride, 'cause he said, "Your car will make it up this hill with the snow? My truck just kept sliding until I was sideways. I finally gave up and decided to walk."

My car has never let me down yet, and today was another win for the "Battle up Snowy Hill".
I dropped him off at the end of his driveway and came into the nice warm house.

Now Hotness is folding clothes and I'm blogging.
Not a very exciting life, but we can't always be the social butterflies we're known for.

Today is (or was, anyway) World Aids Day.
Not much of a holiday to celebrate. Cases in the U.S. have risen recently, so something is obviously not working or people are just getting reckless again.

I fail to see the logic of people who think that those who get it certainly deserve it.
Does a child who gets it from an infected mother during pregnancy deserve it? What if that mother got it from being raped by an infected assailant?
How do either of those cases make it a "disease for fags"?

I've known a few people with AIDS, both gay and straight, and I wouldn't wish it anyone.
Yes, maybe they should've taken better precautions instead of thinking "Oh it won't happen to me. I'm always careful", but still.

Be compassionate and help those who have to live with this disease.

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