Jan 28, 2008

Blue (part uno)

Hey kids, I'm back!

Last week was a busy week. Not at work, just in general. Mostly it was spent in preperation for the coming weekend... and what a weekend it was.

I had requested some time off early from work on Thursday & Friday to go do things I've had planned in the pipline for a while.

What did I have planned, you asked?

Well, on Thursday night I went to see the Blue Man Group in concert at Key Arena in Seattle with my buddy Dug, and friends Jason, Kayo, Scott, and Todd. (Sorry. I didn't get a group picture, but we were lovely bunch of hipsters. Take my word for it.)

I met up with Dug at a Park & Ride in Redmond and we carpooled into the city.

Our group all gathered together at Peso's Kitchen on Queen Anne (near Seattle Center) for muy bueno tapas and drinks before the show.

We shared amongst ourselves: bacon-wrapped prawns, dungeoness crab springrolls, chipotle chicken skewers, spicy fried calamari, steak quesadillas, and of course chips & salsa.

I had a couple of 'sage & cucumber' Margaritas and was feeling pretty good by the time we left and went to the show!

I took a few pictures before the show, but they didn't come out too well.
However! I did manage to get some video of the concert.

The opening act was a VJ by the name of Mike Relm.
It started out okay but as the crowd was getting into it he began to really amp-up the act and it was a terrific start to the main event.

The Blue Man Group came on stage a few minutes later and really put on a great all-ages show. I could've taken my mom, my niece, (heck! even the town preacher).... just about anybody and they would've had a good time.

For those not in the know, the BMG's schtick is to act like they are from another planet. Everything is interesting to them and they delight in making music from unusual objects. Mostly PVC pipes and such. The also have a piano onstage that they hit with a hammer to strike the many chords at one time.

I'll leave you with a few videos from the show. If you ever have a chance to see them perform live, I highly recommend it!

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