Jan 8, 2008

It's Magic!

Alright, not to keep beating a dead horse but here's something some of you might like to know about.

The current Spider-Man bru-ha-ha continues, but on one online forum former Spidey writer J. Michael Straczynski wrote about his side of the story and why he wanted to leave his name off of it. Here, read it for yourself. It's interesting.

But what I really wanted to make a point of was the Marvel explanation for the whole re-boot of the character: "It's Magic. We don't have to explain it."
Wow. That's as good an answer as I think we can all expect, am I right?

Well, somebody has taken the 'explanation' and ran with it. You can now buy a T-shirt with this phrase on it.

Please, go buy one now. Wear it to your next comic book convention and show your support of unreasonable editorial changes in current comics.

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