Jan 4, 2008

Happy (Late) New Year

Yeah, I've been slacking off on this blog for a few days.
I just haven't had a lot to really talk about, so I thought I'd wait. I hope it's worthwhile.

So.... the New Year is here. Happy 2008 to everyone!
Hotness and I aren't much for the "New Year Celebratory Crowd", so we stayed at home that evening. I think I was asleep before 10:00 p.m. even. Crap, I'm old!
We both woke up around midnight when our neighbors were lighting off fireworks and shooting their guns.
Yes, you read that correctly.... they were shooting guns to signal in the New Year.
Ahhh life out in the country. (And you city-folk think you have it tough sometimes)

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions. I figure I'd save more time since I'm only going to give up on them, so why bother in the first place.
But they are supposed to be things you "reslove to do to make yourself a better person", so I made a few and I hope to stick to them this time.
1) Re-new my commitment to the gym... again
I had started going back a little while ago, but it was short-lived. I'm paying for a membership so I might as well use it. Besides, have you seen me lately? I really ought to be going.

2) Start practicing on my ukulele regularly
I was all gung-ho when I got it, but I kinda just put it aside. I really ought to learn at least ONE song on it.

3) Downsize my monthly comic-buying list
This may not seem like that big a deal, but I could almost fund a small militia with the money I spend on comics every month. It wouldnt't be so bad if all of them were worth it, but lately I'm finding myself buying some of them out of habit. Not becuase I actually enjoy them.
There are a few gems on my list, but the stinkers that I keep on buying are preventing me from spending money on others that could be good if I had a chance to check them out.

4) Wear a tie at least once a week, every week
Just because it looks nice and makes me feel more 'productive'.

I probably had a few others that crossed my mind, but those are the ones I've been mulling around in my head for a while and figured I'd better make a reality in my life.

I hope the New Year had been treating all of you well so far.
I'll be back soon.


FYI: I feel a rant coming on soon.
Don't worry, you'll want to read it. It relates to crappy comics.

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