Jan 7, 2008

Mi Hermanos

Today (although I'm rather late in actually posting about it) was my brother's birthday.
Year # 36 to be exact.

I just wanted to wish him a happy birthday and let him know that I appreciate him.
And what better way to show my appreciation than to share this goofy picture of us from about 30 years ago:

That's us in our Easter suits circa 1976 (I believe).
I'm on the left and he's on the right.
(And you can obviously tell that lawn maintenance was not a high priority in our parents lives)
Happy Birthday M.
I hope it was a great day.

1 things people had to say:

Anonymous said...

I think it is plain for everyone to see who got the looks in the family!!! Thanks T, it was a great birthday. Were we really that young once? Jeez!