Jan 10, 2008


Just doing a little cleaning up around here. Nothing major to report.

I took a couple of the links down:
Dave's Longbox
(He's got a really funny sense of humor and it's worth checking out for his nostalgic comic book reviews, but he hasn't been updating his site regularly)
Stuff They Say
(It's a funny site, but after I got to thinking about it, it really isn't something my mom could read. So down it goes)

And I put up a new link:
Simply Recipes
This site has tons of cool, yummy recipes.
Remember that salsa I made a while back? I got it from this site.
I also made penne pasta & asparagus w/ ricotta cheese that I found here and it was not only quick and easy, but very delicious!
If you like to cook (and even if you just like to read recipes) this site is wonderful.

Well... enjoy!

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