Jan 13, 2008

Shopping In Seattle

On Saturday, Hotness & I went to Seattle to do a little shopping near Pike Place Market.

On a previous business trip she took, she had borrowed an Oriental dress that looked really good on her (well, I thought it looked good) and she wanted to pick one up for herslf to have for when we go out to nice events.

It just so happened that back in July, when I had jury duty, I managed to run into a couple of shops near the market that carried these dresses. So I made a mental note of it and planned to come back with her to get them.

I didn't look too closely at the styles of dresses these shops carried, only that they had them.
So when we went yesterday, I was a little dissapointed that they weren't like the one she had worn before.
But all was not lost.

One of the two shops:

carried a variety of styles and we were able to find something equally nice that had more versatility to it than just a dress.

Hotness set her sites on a green jacket with a high Mandarin collar.
(jacket detail)

While I spied a beautiful black velvet jacket with pale purple trim and coin 'buttons'. It had a matching top that went with it.
(jacket & top detail)

Both of these could be paired with a either a long or short skirt that she already has, or a nice pair of dress slacks (that she's still looking for).

So all in all, I think it worked out better than just getting a dress.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to show you with her wearing the outfits, but we have a special event coming up next weekend and I'll take some pictures to post then.
Afterwards, we both met up with my friends Liz and G-rod for a late lunch at a Thai restaurant in Redmond called Noodle House.
I hadn't been there before, but they have really good food!

We got together to celebrate my birthday, and they both bought my lunch as my present.

Thanks you two! I'm really glad to have you as friends in my life.
Then the four of us parted for the day and went our separate ways.

Hotness and I went back home where she took a nap and I watched "Superman Returns"
A lot of fans were kind of on both side of the fence about it, but I really liked this movie.
Yeah, Kate Bosworth wasn't a very convincing Lois Lane, but overall I though it was good.

And besides, EVERY time I watch this scene:

I just want to stand up and cheer.

Oh! One last thing....

I saw this on a building while we we're getting ready to leave Seattle and thought it was kind of funky.

I like random things like this.

I think I might start up a second blog just for random pictures taken by cel phones.

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