Jan 9, 2008

It's A Sad Day

Well, today was the first new issue of Spider-Man since that last horrible story-arc wiped-out all the history on him*.

And this was also the first day I have ever stopped buying an issue of Amazing Spider-Man on purpose.
(Oh, I've missed an issue here and there, but it wasn't intentional)

The "Brand New Day" issue hit the stands. The fanboys reviewed it online. And the general consensus was: "Well, it's really a good issue, but it sucks about how they had to get to it."

I really like the creative teams they picked out (both artists and writers).
I am very happy they are going back to the mechanical web-shooters like he originally started with.
I'm especially happy that his whole secret identity is still a secret again.
But I can't support the title any longer, all things considered.

I can take comfort in the fact that I can still read Ultimate Spider-Man (at least until the "Ultimatum" storyline craps all over it).
And I will pick up Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane once Terry Moore takes over the writing.
I can always go back and re-read my back issues (and man, do I have plenty of them!).
And not to mention, there are also the collected hardcovers of the old back issues from the 60's.
So it's not like I can't get my Spidey fix when I need one.
It's just that I had to give up on the the very first comic book that made me come to appreciate and enjoy them in the first place.

I want to give a big congratulations to every fan who has dropped ASM because of the this whole mess.
Hopefully by voting with our dollars we can show them it wasn't worth it.

And those fans who bitched and complained but are still getting the title?
Yeah, thanks to you too. Way to stick to your guns and show your "support".

* And the history that got wiped-out?
1) regained his secret identity
2) lost his organic web-shooters and went back to having mechanical ones
3) lost is 'spider-spikes' that shot out of his wrists (WTF?!?)
4) lost his 'enhanced spider-sense' (Again.... WTF?!?)
5) his powers are no longer part of some totemic, spider-god, passed-down-through-the-centuries-yadda-yadda
6) Harry Osborn is back (Once dead, but actually just "in rehab")

3 things people had to say:

Joe C. said...

It's tough to drop a title you once loved. I used to be a huge Superman supporter and bought everything related to him. But then in the late 90's realised there were some great stories, but then there was also crap. **cough** BIRTHRIGHT **cough** So I only pick up those stories that people review as being decent. Comics are too expensive to buy stuff that you don't like.

You know, for ECCC we should make up buttons that have the "It's Magic..." quote on it to wear on our Staff shirts this year.

Ferretnick said...

I like the button idea.
I wanted to get a T-shirt (see earlier post), but I wouldn't really be able to wear it at the show while we're "working". *cough*

If we have buttons, then we can see who has the most spirit by who wears the most 'flair'. It'll be like "Office Space" for comic geeks!

Joe said...

Sweet! I guess I better get a pair of red and white striped suspenders then for my flair.

And yeah, being at the ECCC "working". You couldn't wipe the damn smile off my face the entire weekend. If Jim only knew how much fun it is to volunteer.