Jan 4, 2008

New MySpace Friends

Now you kids that were first on my "friends list" still hold a special place in my heart, but I just got a few more that really made my day.

Weird Al Yankovic
Terry Moore

... are all friends of mine on MySpace.

Yeah, you might be thinking "Aw Ferretnick. Some of those folks just have an assistant that does all that for them."
Not so my friends. I know from personal experience that these three handle their MySpace accounts personally, so it's really neat that I can say "They're on my friend list".

Plus, I know Terry personally and I've seen Weird Al and KMFDM in concert so it's not like they are just random people that I added for the fun of it.

I know I'll never be as cool as Technogreek. I just wanted to toot my horn a little.
Anyway I'm done braggin for now, regular blogging will commence soon......

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