Jan 28, 2008

Happy Monday

Well, after such a great weekend what could be better than a Monday morning like this one?

It started to snow shortly after I got home from camping and continued throughout the night.
This morning, Hotness got up and out and called en route to let me know it was pretty slippery on the roads.

I debated whether I should attempt going into work or not, but seeing as I had taken time off last week and missed work on my birthday due to snow, I thought I'd better go in.
So I dressed warm. Packed my lunch. And headed out.
I should have known, right when I got on the road, that it was a bad idea.
But no.
I continued to drive down our hill and make it about halfway when I lost traction and started to slide.
On a hill.
Just after a corner.

I went off the road and LUCKILY did not crash into the guardrail but just barely touched it.

Knowing that this was a very bad spot to be stuck, I immediately got out and took a small shovel out of my emergency bag and tried to dig some traction for my tires.

At any moment, another car coming down the hill could have slid and totaled my car (and me with it).

A few folks tried to stop and offer help, but when they did they started to slide towards my car.
They stepped on the gas and just narrowly avoided colliding with my car.

About an hour into this mess, a snow plow / sand spreader truck came down the hill.
I had dug a few feet of road in front of the tires and the sand was just enough to get and keep traction the rest of the way down into town.

I parked the car at a grocery store parking lot and went to get coffee.
I called Hotness, who came to pick me up and take me home (and she brought stuff to work from home) where I have been all day.

Thankfully I did not sustain any damage to the body of my car, but I did manage to warp the plastic fenders on the passenger side and one of the trucks that almost hit me scraped a little bit of plastic off the driver side front fender.

It could have been worse, but what a lousy way to start the week.

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qtilla said...

murrrrrr. that super sucks. hopefully your tuesday will be awesome!