Jun 25, 2007

Angry White Boys

Yesterday I was the victim of "Road Rage".
The event is still bothering me, so I thought I'd try to get it out of my system by writing about it.

On my way into town yesterday morning, I was being tail-gated by some young punk in a blue car. He was so close to my rear that I couldn't read his license plate.
I stepped on my brake to get him to back off, which sent him weaving and screeching to slow down.
Well, that certainly helped to piss him off, as he then proceeded to follow my exact route in town.
I pulled over at a local coffee shop to let him pass and give me his "angry look" and then be on his way. No such luck. As soon as I pulled to a stop, he pulled in right behind me and started getting out of his car.
"Okay, not cool" I thought, so I pulled back into the road and stopped at the stop light. He followed me and again got out of his car. "Yeah, DEFINITELY not cool now" I said to myself.
So, I ran the red light hoping a cop might see it as he got back in his car and followed me out of town.
By this time I called 911 who then put me through to the Highway Patrol.

To cut this story short, the guy followed me out of town, around a round-about intersection and back into town.
All the while I'm on the phone telling them about him racing up to my bumber and waving his middle finger at me. I also noticed he had a baby car seat in the back. "Great! I've got a crazy idiot driving behind with a kid in the car."

I saw a police car coming in the opposite direction, so the guy on the phone told me to try and get his attention. I flicked my lights, but the offiicer totally didn't catch it and passed me.
Behind the cop was an RV a few car lengths back, so in desperation I made a HARD left-hand turn behind the cop and in front of the RV. The idiot behind couldn't make the turn in time, (thank goodness for a nimble car!) so I managed to get out of the parking lot I turned into, back onto the road and going in the opposite direction of my pursuer.

I didn't see him after that, so I either lost him or he gave up.

The problem is; There's only a couple of main roads from my house to downtown and I live in a heavily redneck-populated area, so my chances of running into him again are fairly certain... especially since I drive a distinctive car.

This event has my stomach in knots, kept me from getting a decent sleep and is bothering me still today.

For him... he probably went home, had a few beers and told his buddies how he scared the pants of some dumb yuppie and has by now forgotten about it.

It makes me wish that enforced sterilization was mandatory in some cases. We don't need any more stupid, young punks in the world like that one.

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