Jun 18, 2007

To Fight the Unbeatable Foe

Amazing Spider-Man issues # 229 & 230
This was a GREAT two-issue story with Spider-man duking it out with the X-men's foe, Juggernaut.

In a nutshell, Madame Web (a psychic) had a vision of a hulking creature coming to abduct her and called on Spider-man/Peter Parker to come save her.
Being the good-guy that he his, Spidey goes off to find and stop the Juggernaut before he can get to Madame Web.

In the process, he gets the holy, living crap beat out of him.
When we leaps onto the Juggernaut, he gets scraped off like dog-crap on your shoe as Juggy storms through a building.
Spidey takes a wrecking ball and swings it into Juggs, who just bats it away and into a building that collapses onto Spider-Man.
And so on....

The coolest thing, in my opinion, was when Spidey drove a fuel truck into the Juggernaut in an effort to stop him in his tracks. I mean, c'mon. An exploding fuel truck would slow down Superman for bit, right?
Yeah... check this out:

Juggernaut sez: "This won't hurt me!" "Nothing can!"

Spider-man is unable to stop him, but when they get to Madame Web's place, she passes out. Juggernaut thinks she's dead, and gets angry that he came all that way for nothing and storms off. Spider-man gets pissed and goes after him.

Eventually Juggs gets trapped at a conctruction site and Spidey leaves him there hoping that's the last we see of him (you, know... for like a couple of issues at least).

I loved this story as a kid and going back over it now, it is still one of my favorite Spider-man stories. It was only two issues long but had a metric butt-load of action.

I wish more comics were this good with fewer issues, rather than the mini-novels being written today.

If you find these in a quarter-bin, it would be well worth picking them up.

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