Jun 17, 2007

Oopsy daisy!

On Friday around noon, I got this picture on my phone....

It appears that someone made what is technically called.... a boo-boo.

This happened down in Kent, WA where Hotness works.
Somebody was unloading pallets of stuff out of the truck but hadn't remembered to properly support the front end. After they had taken out quite a bit of the pallets that were in there, it got unbalanced and fell forward.... with somebody still inside!
Luckily he got out safely and wasn't hurt, but it's pretty funny that it happened.

I guess when you do the same type of thing over and over, it's easy to forget the details.

We drove past her work on Saturday and they had fixed it. The trailer was level again.

That evening after work I got together with a couple of good friends and had dinner at Cafe Veloce in Totem Lake. A good time and great food.
I used to work with both of them, but they've moved on to different jobs, so I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. Still we had fun and it was good spending time with them.

Then afterwards, I went and saw the new Fantasic Four movie "Rise of the Silver Surfer".
I really liked it. I thought it was way better then the first FF movie, which was mediocre in my opinion.
I was bummed that (SPOILER ALERT! right-click and hi-light to read) Galactus wasn't the purple-clad, helmeted, giant being us fanboys know and love but I was happy that they portrayed the Surfer like he is (was) in the comic. A conflicted soul, just doing his job.
I was also a bit put-off by the Dodge logo that they put on the Fantasti-car. LAME!!!
We saw an ad for Dodge right before the movie that showed the F-car and how "Dodge was the only maker trusted by the Fantastic Four..." blah blah blah. I said, "If they have a Dodge emblem on the car in the movie, I'm gonna puke." Well, they did. But I didn't.
Anyway, overall I really enjoyed it. I went in with very low expectations and came out pleasantly surprised. (Much like I did with X-Men 3. Not a great movie, but enjoyable)

Yesterday Hotness and I went to Bellevue in the morning so she could get her hair cut.
On the way (not a more than a mile from the house) I hit a bird. I saw it dive in front of the car, and as I thought "Well, hmmm. I don't think I hit it", I heard a 'THUD' and a poof of feathers in the back widow. It must have flown under the front and got hit by my back tire. Yuck.

While I was waiting for her as her hair was getting cut, I went to Bellevue Square Mall.
Talk about up-scale. I don't go Bellevue unless I have to, because people there are way too uptight and snooty.
For example: I was dressed in (CLEAN!) jeans, a grey T-shirt, sandals and a fleece jacket. I had my cell phone clipped on my pocket. If I were in my home town, I would be looking like I was dressed-up, but in Bellevue... people actively avoided me. *
I was waiting for an elevator and a girl walked up, saw me in the corner of her eye and turned to take the stairs. (Okay, maybe she was just being safe. I am an "unknown stranger" so I didn't let it bother me)
While in the mall, more than one person moved to the other side of the walkway to avoid passing me too closely. One woman even shifted her purse to the other side of her as she went by. I wanted to jump at them and go "Oogie-boogie!" just to see their reaction, but I probably would've been hauled off to jail.
Perhaps I had a sign on me that said "Watch Out! I kill birds!"

After her hair was done (and I had scared half the people at the mall), we drove to Bremerton to see my mom and her husband.
They've recently had a couple of baby horses added to their herd, and have been asking us to come and see them. So we did.
They look like smaller versions of big horses.
I kid!
They were cute, and it was nice to get to see them while they are still small.
Plus I don't get over to my mom's that much, so any chance to visit (however brief) is nice.

We got home late, around 11:00 p.m. or so, and went to bed.
Pretty long day for not really doing anything exciting... except scare people in Bellevue.

* I should note that the mall wasn't officially open yet. It was around 8:30 a.m., so there were only a few people there at the time. Mostly 'mall-walkers' and employees getting to work.

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