Jun 23, 2007

Night & Day Watch

Just got back from going to Seattle and watching a movie at the Neptune Theater in the University district (or U-district for you hipsters out there).

My buddy Doug & I, met up with our friend Mike and his cousin Jana to go see "Day Watch", which is the sequel to "Night Watch".

These are both Russian films about the battle of Good vs. Evil. Or in this case, Light vs. Dark.
It's a very interesting premise, in that both sides have the same types of characters on them.
(Meaning; You have "good vampires" and "good shape-shifters" etc..., as well as bad ones.)
The stories are both very engaging and the special effects are pretty fantastic.
Almost better than a lot of Hollywood films that have been coming out lately.

Supposedly the these are just two films of a trilogy (what film isn't part of a "trilogy" these days?), but after watching this one, I liked how it wrapped-up loose story threads from the earlier film. You can watch both of them and the story would be complete, so I'm interested in how they are going to make a third movie after this.

I typically don't like to watch subtitled films, 'cause I'm sort of a slow reader and I don't want to miss the action going on in the movie. These, however, I found easy to read and still follow the action without missing anything. Plus, some of the dialog is integrated into the action. (For instance, when somebody knocks at the door, the dialog jiggles a bit. And one time a character is swimming in a pool and suddenly gets a nosebleed when he starts to hear a voice. The dialong is spelled out in the blood and disapates into the water.)

On the DVD for "Night Watch" you have your choice of the original Russian-speaking version with subtitles, or an English-speaking version. I watched both and found the Russian version better. (In the English version, they seem to mumble a lot and I can't make out what they are saying sometimes)

Highly recommended to watch.
What can I compare them to, you ask?
W-A-Y better than "Underworld"
Darker than the "Lord Of The Rings" films
Kick-@$$ special effects like the "The Matrix"

Let me know if you like it.....

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qtilla said...

I hear that the movies are based on 3 books (in Russian) that are quit good. My buddy just finished the first one. He says it is worth a read.