Jun 8, 2007

Day One

Okay, after kicking around the idea of starting a blog (for like, a year or two) I finally did it.
Now... what smart-a$$, amusing content can I pour forth upon the masses?
How 'bout a manifesto (of sorts)?

1) I will try not to talk about my work unless appropriate
Those who know me, know what I do and how I feel about it so no point beating a dead horse.
And those who don't know me couldn't care less, so why bother?

2) This is not a political or religion platform
While the topic of either may present itself from time to time, neither one is my agenda.

3) I will try not to bore you
(Well... I can't promise you I won't have an off day now-and-then, but I'll do my best)

I guess that's not much of a manifesto, but good common sense.
C'mon.... give me break! I just started this thing. I gotta 'work into it' before it starts getting any good.

1 things people had to say:

Vicky said...

so far it's amusing