Jun 21, 2007

Back on Tuesday

I skipped a few days.... sorry.
On Tuesday I spent the day with my good friend Doug and his daughter (my niece) Natalie.
We went to the Seattle Aquarium, where tons of pictures we taken and lots of merriment and mirth took place.
Here she is checking out the fish:

And the two of us:

(Man! I look like I'm about to put her in a cassarole or something. What a creepy look on my face.)

We hopped her up on sugar ('cause it's good for growing kids!) while we were at the aquarium and then couldn't get her to take a nap. I wonder if the two were related?

Later, back at their house, Doug & I grabbed some lunch (more Mexican at Ixtapa) and watched "Ghost Rider" extended edition and then scanned in all my larger artwork (hence the earlier post about it). You know, for all it's cheesy acting, I actually liked "Ghost Rider" and the extended version adds some nice character depth to it.

Here's a couple more pictures from that day (after we got back)

She is just a cutie!

That's all for now. Nothing terribly exciting happening. Hope I didn't bore you.

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