Jul 29, 2007


If I could direct your attention to the right for a moment, you'll notice a list of links (that's the "Ch-check it out" section).
I try not to put too many links over there, 'cause then it just gets all cluttered and nobody pays any attention to it. But there is one link in particular I'd like to tell you about: vregopoetry.

"V" is a friend of mine from New York who has been writing poetry since before she was a teenager. It was a way for her to express her feelings and not keep them bottled-up inside.
Since she's been writing for quite a while, she has built up a large collection of poems and decided to post them online for people to read and enjoy.
For a while she was reading at 'open mike' nights at a poetry gathering in her neighborhood, which was garnering her a good bit attention and praise.
She's also working on getting a book published, which has been a slow-going process.
I thought this would be a nice time to give you folks who are reading this a chance to discover something new and different.
I told her I was going to try and send some web-traffic her way and asked if she would like to say anything about herself. She says;
" I'm single & happy that way, at least for now...LOL
Writing is more than expression, it's therapy. I look at my writing as a way to let others know they're not alone. We all have bad days and broken hearts & it's ok feel them as long as we remember to feel the good.

So I imagine you might be asking me, "What? Poetry? I thought you were into comic books and stuff like that."
Well, I am. But just like Shrek, I am like an onion. I have many layers.

If you have a moment to pop over to her site, please do, and if you like what she's written let her know (there's a contact link).
And tell her that I sent you, so she'll know who to blame when her server crashes. Just kidding!

Anyway, if poetry "just isn't your bag"*, no worries. But I hope you'll give it a chance and maybe like it.

That's all for today.
More camping adventure stories coming soon. Hopefully this time presented in "Rain Free Weekend" edition.

* one's bag(n) :something which a person likes, is good at or has special skill or information about. _'Billiards is his bag, he never loses'.

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