Nov 20, 2007


Mmmmm yummy!

On Saturday, Hotness & I got together with some of the 'tribe' for a little pre-Holiday celebration of appetizers and conversation.

We were honoring one member's recent success at passing her exam to become a licensed massage therapist. Another's 18th "29 year" birthday (*a-hem!*) and yet another's recent job promotion.
So with all that happening we just decided to have a good time before Thanksgiving & Christmas took up all our available free time.
It was very relaxed with 'your choice of an appetizer' as the meal theme.
I made up more of the salsa that I tried out a couple of night earlier and also an experimental dish.
I mixed together some cream cheese and smoked salmon along with some horseradish and served it on cucumber slices. Very tasty, if might say!
There was also some mulled wine,
which I don't think I've ever had before but I certainly look forward to having again!
Basically we just hung out like we always do... except not at a campsite. It was sort of like an epsiode of "Thirtysomething".
We talked about getting together again soon for a J-pop movie night and Jason & I tested out a children's drum set that was in the living room;
Not to mention, yet another fun time of "pass the baby"!
Hotness and I each commented on our way way home how much we appreciate all our friends and enjoy spending time with them whenever we can!

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