Nov 21, 2007

Lampshade From Hell

Got some money to burn? (Ha ha! Get it? Burn? Hell? Oh, I crack myself up sometimes.)

Anyway, if you've got some spare cash just sitting around waiting to be spent on something you could always buy this nifty limited edition lampshade by designer Luc Merx.
It's called "Fall of the Damned" and it depicts a mass of tiny little bodies all falling into the pits of Hell. Except it's a lampshade.You know... for your lamp. 'Cause that's what turns the ladies on when they come over to your place. That and all the mint condition action figures adorning your walls. Trust me, I know this.

Of course to own this little piece of art, you'll have to cought up $45,000 for it. After all, it is limited to only 40 pieces.

Wait... 45 THOUSAND dollars??? For a friggin' lampshade made out of little plastic people?!?
Dude, I can think of much cheaper ways to cover up a light and still be 'arty' about it.

1 things people had to say:

Charkey's pal said...

Oh Come Now!!!! A bargain at twice the price!!!!!!! Certainly not as technically demanding as earthworms dipped in paint and brutally forced to crawl around on rough canvass- but the apotheosis of artistic brilliance nonetheless :)