Nov 25, 2007

Bounce Around

The day after Thanksgiving, we celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday.

A bunch of her play friends and quite a few of us adults spent the morning at Kidz Bounce just, well... bouncing around and having a great time.
It's a fun workout and the hour we spent there went by w-a-y too quickly!

I got into one of the play structures with a bunch of the kids and then proceeded to launch them into the air by doing cannonballs onto the 'floor'.

There was an obstacle course you could race through, and I got challenged at least three different times by the kids. (Not to mention I helped chase a few through that weren't expecting it!)

It is a very fun place to take your kids for the day to wear them out.

After that the Natster went home to open her birthday presents.

A fun day to be a kid!
Happy Birthday Natalie!

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Anonymous said...

cute kids!