Nov 21, 2007

Silent Movies

As I mentioned earlier, I really enjoy silent movies from the early days of film.
I'm not going to say I think that the acting was better or anything like that, but without the use of sound these movies had to convey the emotions and feelings purely by the actors facial expressions and the music (that was played live for the audience).

Some of them were truly crap (just like today) but a few are still as incredible today as they were back then.

Kino International recently released a 2-disc DVD of the classic German horror, Nosferatu.
I don't have it yet, but I will be getting it soon.
They've cleaned up the print, added the original intertitles and re-recorded the original musical score for 5.1 stereo. Not to mention a host of extras about the films history.
I saw a badly recorded version on a cheap DVD and it was creepy then, so I can only imagine how much better this cleaned-up version is going to be.
(On a side note, this film is a great 'story about the story' of Nosferatu)

In the meantime, I found a trailer for the recently restored and re-released version of Metropolis.
One of the all-time classics and a visionary film that was way before it's time.
When you watch this, keep in mind that the visual effects (that happen about 1 minute into it) are from over 80 years ago!

Well, I hope that gets you interested enough to want to see it.
I know not everyone is into older films, but this really is special and worth seeing at least once in your lifetime.

And just 'cause I'm also kinda of a geek... here's this;

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