Nov 25, 2007

Post Turkey-Day

I trust that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and that you all had a good time.

Hotness & I spent the Holiday in town with our friends, Dug & Debbie and their daughter, along with a couple other friends. There was food aplenty, and pies waiting for afterwards.

The 7 of us finished eating and then waited long enough until we could fit some pie (oh, yeah.. and cheesecake) in for dessert. About that time we were joined by some more friends for the post-dinner pie feast.
A lovely day with beautiful weather and great company to be shared. I hope yours was just as pleasant.

Here is a small batch of pictures from our day:

Proper T-Day eating requires training. Here is Natalie warming up with a pre-feast nap.

In the country, even the cows are included in the festivities.

Rarrrr!!! (We had to hide the children from her)

Mmmm.... pie!

A little theater to go along with our dinner, courtesy of the Lovely Ladies of Shady Lane.

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