Nov 3, 2007


HISHE is the short form of a website called "How It Should Have Ended".
They take movies that had a somewhat cheesy ending and re-do it.

Their latest one is this:

The best part is right about the -3:33 min mark, and if you don't get the joke you can go here to see what that was all about.

Anyway, I loved the first two Spider-man movies but I think most everyone agrees that the 3rd one was pretty bad*. It just didn't seem to 'click' like the previous ones.
Of course I bought it on DVD this week... like a good little consumer. I want to have the set and was looking forward to some of the special features.
But seriously. The designers for Harry Osborne's "goblin" character thought that a flying snowboard was a logical progression from the original glider? Puh-leaze!
The guy looked like another random "rent-a-ninja" from any generic hi-tech action flick. Except of course for that totally awesome flying snowboard. *snicker!*

Oh well, hopefully they won't botch-up #4

Thanks to Dug for giving me a heads up about the video!

* I believe the technical term is "Sucked Ass".

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