Nov 25, 2007

Games, Games, Games

Saturday was spent playing games all day. Yes. ALL. FREAKING. DAY.
I got up in the morning and went to my friend Kevin's house to play Guitar Hero and Heroclix with his kids for the day.

We had a 4-person slug-fest against eacher (which I lost... yet again) and then played some Guitar Hero. And played a quick 3-person Heroclix wrasslin' match. Followed by more Guitar Hero.... eh, you get the picture.
It began around 10:30 a.m. or so and went on until around 4:30 p.m.
Then I packed up my stuff and headed north a few miles to meet up with my comic shop buddies to play more video games on Xbox 360.

I hung out at the Comic Stop for about an hour and then went over to join the group to start rocking out.
We all met at George's place (heh heh, while he was still at the store!) for a little, impromptu Rock Band party.

Munchies were waiting for me when I got there (which is good since I hadn't eaten much earlier in the day), including cupcakes! Mmmm.. yum!

Well, you all know of my love for Guitar Hero (and this is the same group who introduced me to it... those scoundrels!) so it should come as no surpise that this was just as much fun to play.
It's great since you can include a group, not just one or two people, per turn. We had up to five band members at any given time;
1) singer /vocalist
2) guitar
3) bass
4) drums
5) footpedal drum (for those not coordinated enough to handle ALL the drums by themself)

I did some furious fret-work* on the guitar and bass and was the designated footpedal drum pusher for a few songs, although I didn't actually play the drums.
And yes.... I did sing.
Luckily it wasn't caught on video and there don't seem to be any incriminating pictures of me floating around the world wide interweb, but I did vocal duty on just one song: "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" by The Clash.
I'm hoping nobody lost their hearing the next morning after I was finished.

Others were not so lucky, though, and here is some video and pictures of them:

Here's Bizeau's wife singing "Highway Star"

And Bizeau, himself, singing "Run For The Hills"

(I'm sorry about the crappy sound quality, but it's my camera phone. That's about the best it's going to be)

Also, we got a rare appearance by the Demon-Nacho's parental units:

In the meantime, those who awaited their 15 minutes of rock fame spent the time just chillaxin'.

I don't know how long the rockin' went on, but I finally had to call it a night around 1:30 a.m. It was still about an hour's drive back to my house, and with it being foggy and in the freezing temps, I didn't want to be too tired to make it back in one piece. (Which I obviously did since I'm posting about it)

I really enjoyed myself and I think the game is a ton of fun, but I doubt I'll be getting it for the PS2. I don't have enough people in my neck of the woods to play it with and Hotness isn't really all that into it.

I think I'll stick with Guitar Hero and join the band over at George's every now and then.

Rock On!

* Granted, my "furious fret-work" was on Medium Difficulty Level, but at least I kept it up over 90% for the songs I played. (heh heh... I said "kept it up"!)

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