Nov 7, 2007

Car Repairs

My car was due for it's regular oil change, so I made an appointment to get that done and took today off to do it.
Also, it had been leaking coolant for some time now.
I couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from, but every couple of days I'd have to 'top-off' the coolant reservoir. Last week it was leaving quite a big puddle under the car, so I when I scheduled the appointment for the oil change, I had them check that also.
Turns out that the seals on each side of the radiator were going bad and I had to have the whole thing replaced.
That hurt the old wallet.

I was hoping the problem was just a bad hose or something simple like that.
I was going to replace the old, OEM hoses with brand new silicone ones that don't break down.
(It would've saved me alot of money to do it myself had that only been the problem)
But at least it's fixed now and I can drive around without being afraid the car is going to overheat and get me stranded in traffic. .... 'cause you know, THAT'S always fun.

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