Dec 23, 2007

Stuff They Say

I just added a new link today. (over to your right.. go on, take a look)

It's called Stuff They Say.
In a nutshell, a woman who is involved in many of the personal networking sites (ie: MySpace, Friendster, Etc...) gets a lot of email from guys (and a few girls) wanting to 'hook up' or just otherwise express their sexual prowess.

She posts the best examples of humanity's worst.
It's kind of funny on the one hand, and unbelievable on the other that some people would think it's okay to address people in such a manner. Not to mention the atrocious spelling they use.
(Don't get me started on internet 'chat-speak'!)

Anyway, women will probably appreciate it more than guys.
And fellas, if you do check it out... learn from the examples presented!

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