Jan 12, 2008


Terry Moore's latest creator-owned book is coming out in just a few months. (In fact, March I believe is when it'll be on the stands).

Being the "Moore Whore" that I am, I thought I'd help plug it on here to get more people interested in it.

His last series, "Strangers in Paradise", was a surprise hit with a H-U-G-E following both here in the States and internationally.
I was latecomer to the series but once I started reading it, I was drawn into the story immediately.

Terry is a fantastic writer who gives a lot a depth to his characters and his art is very clean and easy on the eyes. (Not cluttered or overly detailed).
"SiP", as it was affectionately known by fans, dealt primarily with a couple of high-school friends who had grown up and the turns-of-events their lives took just trying to find their place in the world and to find love.
No super-hero battles. No space-ships. No zombies.
Just a 'real life' kind of book that was great for all types of readers.

His new project, ECHO, is about another female lead character but this time she happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This one has more of a Sci-Fi vibe to it, and with Terry's skill at characterization it looks to be another great story. Here's the solicitation for it.
Need more convincing to get it?
Here's a 5-page sneek peek at the first issue!

You'll want to pre-order it from your local store to make sure they get it.
It's an extremely difficult task, so I'll give you detailed instructions. Are you ready? Good!
1) Walk into your local comic book shop
2) Ask someone behind the counter to order you a copy of "ECHO" by Terry Moore
3) Wait until it shows up
That's it.
I know that'll probably be hard, but I think you all are tough enough to handle the job.

Honestly, though. I really can't recommend his stuff enough.
He is a master crafstman when it comes to writing comic books, and his art is without a doubt some of the best out there today.

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