Jan 24, 2008

Laugh Clown, Laugh!

Sorry about the tardiness in posting lately and I'm double-sorry that this review is coming to you later than I'd hoped.
I've been busier than Imelda Marcos at a shoe sale and just haven't been able to sit long enough to devote the time to blog.
But hopefully I can rectify that and get this one in during my lunch hour. We'll see....

So without further excuses, here's our Night at the Opera:

Last Saturday evening, Hotness and I went to see Pagliacci for my (belated) birthday present.
Here's a very brief synopsis from headinjurytheater.com:

"It's about a troupe of clowns that include a horny hunchback, a murderous leader, and a sort-of slutty girl. There's also a peasant in love mixed in there. Evil clowns. Awesome. I assume that this one also takes place in Italy (I'm aware that Sicily is not part of Italy, but hey, close enough)."

So yeah, he's pretty much on the mark about it except that the 'hunchback' was actually just a guy with a limp in the version we saw. Everything else was pretty spot-on.

Comic writer / artist P. Craig Russell did a comic-book version of the opera that is very faithful to the original story. (That's not just me saying that either. I asked the staff at the gift shop, and they were suitably impressed by the comic)

I bought a copy and read it right before the show so that I had an idea of what was going to take place, since the whole thing is in Italian.

It was great! My first real Italian opera experience and I got to see a clown go ape-poo crazy with jealousy and kill his wife and her lover.
And at the end is the classic line:

Later we went to our favorite Seattle late-nite restaraunt, Pomodoro.
We had the Ahi tuna agian along with the calamari and rock shrimp appetizers.

Just the appetizers were filling enough, so we both skipped having a meal and went straight to dessert.
I ordered the Gran Marnier chocolate-mousse cake.

We had a WONDERFUL time. I really think we might end up getting season tickets to the opera as well as the ballet this next season. Especially if it means we can go to Pomodoro afterwards!

Oh! Here is the new outfit that Hotness wore to that evening:

And here we are together:

(Ugh! See how fat I am? THAT'S why I'm going back to the gym!)

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joe c. said...

OK, I just had to share this with a fellow comic book fan as it's a total WTF moment. Check on eBay for item number 370015224801. Don't worry. It's safe for work.

This thing retailed for $12.95! How the crap is somebody willing to pay over $200 for it? Mind boggleing. I wonder if it has something to do with the week US dollar.