Apr 20, 2008

Got Meme'd

There's a first time for everything (and this year seems to be filled with a bunch of them... more on that soon).
I got tagged for a meme recently and so I'm supposed to come up with something along the lines of the following theme: (heh! "theme" "meme"... weird.)

What creators who are usually associated with a certain company (or, indeed, medium) would you like to see writing someone else’s title? For example, would you want to see JMS on Hellboy? Which DC character should Bendis have a crack at? Should George Pelecanos write Batman?

Well me start out by saying that I don't have any dead-set particular favorites when it comes to writers or artists. I kind of take them for what they are at the time, and good or bad I'll read the books. Some I enjoy more than others, be it for the art or the writing, but it really depends on my mood at the time.

While I'm currently enjoying Gail Simone on 'Wonder Woman' I'd like to see Phil Jimenez on it again.
He was the writer that was on the book when I began reading it and really brought a lot of depth to the character in my opinion. Sure he's a bit wordy with the dialog, but unlike Bendis I didn't mind reading lengthy conversations between characters. They actually SAID something.

I'd like to see a limited series or one-shot of 'Hellboy' written by Bob Burden. The character lends itself to the strange on a regular basis, and I think Bob's surreal approach to comics would be highly entertaining.
Maybe even with Andy Kuhn on art duty.

Jeff Parker on "Avengers". Either title. 'Mighty' or 'New'.... or heck, even BOTH!
I have nothing personal against Bendis (I really enjoy "Ultimate Spider-Man"), but c'mon! Give other people a chance to write would ya? I first discovered Jeff via his own book "The Interman" (available in trade from your local comic book shop, by the way) and it was fantastic. Then I read "Agents of Atlas" and "Spider-man & The Fantastic Four" plus the all-ages "Avengers" comic.
This guy writes solo characters or teams and can keep the dialog of each within character.
I think he'd bring some much-needed fresh blood to these titles.

Matt Wagner on "Punisher". Yeah.
Jeez he already writes about a criminal mastermind who can't be taken down by anybody (not even the damn Batman!), so how cool would it be to have a Punisher from the other end of the spectrum? (Not to take anything away from Matt Fraction, though)

Okay, I've tried not to make him the first person on EVERY book, but I had to get to him sooner or later; Terry Moore.
I think everything he works on is gold.
I'd like to see him on "Birds of Prey" again. (He did a 3-issue stint quite a while back). He has a very unique perspective and can write strong female characters. Also, I'd like to see his take on the "The Spirit". That would be something.
Or maybe Terry's art on "The Spirit" and Jeff Parker writing?

How about Joss Whedon on "Titans" or "Young Avengers"? I'm not a Joss disciple but that ought to be a nice change of pace to see how he'd handle those books.

How about Robert Kirkman writing "Jonah Hex"?
I'd like to see him do something out of the ordinary. No zombies or superheroes this time. Just a mean old ugly gunslinger in the old west.

And finally, I'd like to see Warren Ellis take a stab (literally!) at "Green Lantern" or "Green Lantern Corps." And maybe even the "JSA".

So there.
That's my 2-cents. Let me know what YOU think.

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