Apr 6, 2008

I Can Be Such A Dork

The other day I ran across a pen that Hotness picked up on one of her business trips.

So I see this pen in our "cup o' pens" that we have and I'm thinking it was a memo-recording pen. I thought that the holes were for a tiny speaker and microphone. You know, you think of something cool but you don't have a notepad handy so you speak into the pen and write it down later.

Except the batteries seemed to have died so it wasn't working.

No problem, I'll just take the batteries out and switch them around. Sometimes you can get a little extra juice out of them that way and I can play with it for a minute or two.

Unscrewed it, swapped the battereis around and put it all together again.

Then I pushed the button and noticed that there was a light coming out of the end of it.
"Oh, so it's not a pen with a voice recorder, it's actually got a tiny flashlight. Cool."

I turn the light-end towards me and puch the button. A white LED lights up and flashes in my eyes.

Then I push the outher button and a red one lights up.
"Hmmm, the red one isn't as bright.... OH! CRAP! It's a laser pointer!", as I'm pointing it directly into my eyes and looking at it.

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Elwood said...

It's suprising somedays that we still walk upright, huh? Hee.