Apr 10, 2008

The Mighty Van Halen

I loves me the Van Halen!

I didn't go see them on tour with David Lee Roth this last time around, because I'm a little pissed that they dropped Michael Anthony from the band and replaced him with Eddie's son, Wolfgang.
Not that I think Wolfie can't play, but it's not the same Van Halen, and it's not fair to Mike.

I heard they put on a heck of a show though, and Diamond Dave is still on top of his game (albeit not as acrobatic on stage).
I'm hoping to find a concert bootleg floating around from the recent tour to add to my others.
(Yup! I got quite a few concerts on CD from all eras of the band... even Gary Cherone. You can find out what's available out there on this site.)

Anyway, the reason for this rambling post is just so I could put up this picture:

Eh... not quite the young, brash dudes of my yesteryear are they?
In fact, they're actually starting to look more like the Rolling Stones.

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