Apr 13, 2008

Personal Shopper ver. 2.0

It's starting to become a habit now.

I spent the earlier part of the day Saturday helping one of Hotness's co-workers put together some "business casual" outfits.

To make a longer story short, he just didn't have an eye for matching things up properly.
WTF? Are you an Easter egg? -->

So when he & the boss were to make some sales calls recently, he put together an outfit that made his boss cringe and send him back home to change.

<-- vertical stripes + diagonal stripes = NO!

I offered to go shopping with him and help him pick out some things that he could wear to the office, to a sales meeting, and just casually out for an evening.

He ended up getting 5 pairs of Dockers and 6 or 7 solid color shirts along with a few ties and a reversible belt.
Enough to mix-and-match and have a different outfit for work every day for 3 weeks.
He'll be presentable for the company. His boss'll be happy. His wife will be happy.
It's an all-around win/win situation.

After shopping, he treated for lunch (Hotness joined us) and we went to The Cheesecake Factory near the mall. I had some incredible Tex-Mex spring rolls. Just a tad spicy and served with some pico-de-gallo and an avocado sauce on the side. And a Patron el Diablo (Patron silver tequila, Cointreau, pomogranate and grapefruit juices).... Ka-pow!

After eating, I took a couple of the shirts and ties and paired them up with some pants and folded them together. I told him, "Wear these for starters and when we get a chance we'll come take pictures of what can be mixed so you'll have a visual reference to use later."

We all had a good time and he seemed very happy to have gotten some outfits that go well together.
I'm kinda digging this personal shopping thing.

I've been doing it for Hotness for a while. She hates to shop and try on clothes, so on several occasions I've just done it for her. I know her sizes and I pretty much know where things will fall into place on her so I just start picking up stuff that looks good and it usually works perfectly.
I'd say I have a 90% success rate when it comes to picking out stuff she can wear.

I'll have to get cards made up that say "Dr. Ferretnick - Retail Therapist".

But this wasn't everything we did that day. More soon!

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