Apr 4, 2008

Maintenance & The Weekend

Updated my link list to your right over there.
I added a bunch of bloggers who I read on a fairly frequent basis, plus I know most of them personally. (Hi kids!)

Give 'em a read if you're new here.
And it's Friday. The start of the weekend finally.
Work has been pretty mellow, but the boss has been away on vacation all week.
Coincidence? Hmmm... most likely.

Tonight it's burgers for dinner, with a little Guitar Hero

Party tonight, for tomorrow we attend the ballet!
(review forthcoming)

1 things people had to say:

Elwood said...

Good thing I'm married already, and don't need to send potential mates screaming into the night at the sight of my cordless Gibson.

My wife does roll her eyes a lot when I'm rocking out, though.